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Why Age Reversal Now?

Is This Anti-Aging or Something Better?
“Anti-aging” is a popular conscious or sub-conscious theme for most people by the time we are in our ’40’s. But the term “anti-aging” seems to have run its course. What has really been happening in this arena is that educated people are reporting certain aspects of aging showing a reversal.

Definition – Anti-Aging and Age-Reversal
“Anti-aging” as a term refers to a reduction in the effects of premature, unnecessary or accelerated aging, generally caused by nutritional deficiencies or other life stresses.

Specifically, reversal of not only some of the effects of premature, unnecessary or accelerated aging but what could be called true age-reversal effects.

White Hair Regaining Color
These include: White hair regaining color as skin showing fewer wrinkles or less depth of wrinkles.
Comparison: August 2007 compared to April 2011;

August, 2007

Hair regaining color progressively, hopefully with more to come. Facial fat youthfully regenerating. We are even experiencing facial skin wrinkles melting/diminishing and even disappearing.

April, 2011

What I’ve Observed That Others Have Observed, Too. 
Facial skin wrinkles melting and disappearing, indicating a potential improvement in the reproductive capacity of the skin’s elastin, collagen and then ligaments, tendons and even bones regenerating inside the face under the skin.

A good part of people’s faces looking older is caused by shrinkage of the structure of the face, losing the mass of the bones/ligament/tendons inside the face, under the skin (largely composed of collagen and elastin). All these components of a face are shrinking, too.

Even Younger Pets
We are seeing and experiencing better skin texture; more physical endurance during exercise increasing; improved recovery from exercise; memory, especially long-term memory improving. These are being reported by all kinds of people on the internet, surprisingly more and more often. Some people are even using some of the best age-reversal molecules, such as carbon C60, for their pets!

This site is dedicated to reporting what tools or techniques have verifiable effective age-reversal benefits.

As can be imagined, this is a never-ending science project that wonderfully gives back more than the time it costs. Fortunately, there are many of us sleuthing about in this area, thanks to the internet and the inquisitive minds that it feeds.

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