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How Age Reversal Now Was Born

How Age Reversal Now Was Born

Michael Mooney (born in 1953) was gifted with a biochemist father – a Renaissance man who instilled in him an intense sense of scientific curiosity.

At the age of 14, Michael entered a mental hospital, hoping this would help solve his issues with depression. The doctors at the hospital gave Michael a tranquilizing drug, Mellaril, which was prescribed for schizophrenia, and recommended electroshock treatments. Sensing that these “therapies” could cause him harm, Michael told the head psychiatrist what he wanted to hear so that Michael would be allowed to leave the hospital.

This was the turning point that changed Michael’s life forever. Nutrition, specifically progressive orthomolecular nutrition became Michael’s focus and has remained his passion for 50 years.

Soon after being released from the hospital Michael’s curiosity and tenacious passion for research and discovery led him to the work of Canadian medical doctor and biochemist, Abram Hoffer, MD, Ph.D. (Biochemistry).

Dr. Hoffer reported how he had successfully treated schizophrenics with high doses (3,000 mg. a day) of the more “active” form of vitamin B3 as niacin (not niacinamide).

The notion of using non-toxic nutrition rather than toxic drugs appealed to Michael. He took the recommended daily high doses of niacin, which cleared his depression and the indications of schizophrenia. This changed Michael’s life for the better and inspired him to dedicate his life to exploring natural health care – and to share it with friends, family and eventually the world.

Good fortune gave Michael the mentorship of his biochemist father, Patrick.  When Michael said, “Dad, let’s start our own vitamin company. We could make optimal-potency formulas that we want ourselves, without fillers, that are hypoallergenic, that aren’t available from any company currently. We can use this as a vehicle to share the new breakthroughs in health that are occurring more rapidly.”

Patrick’s first thought was to start a science-based non-profit vitamin research co-op to study the biochemistry of aging and share the newly emerging science with the world. Patrick was one of the first to embrace “life-extension,” and so Michael in mimicking his mentor father began his lifelong interest in slowing or reducing and eventually reversing the aging process.

After dozens of years of reading medical journal studies and feeling the effects of various diets, supplements and exercise routines himself, Michael realized that “anti-aging” was only part of the progression that he was experiencing.

Age Reversal was and is being experienced and thus, Reversal of Aging is the end goal.

In discussions with his colleague, Dr. Robert Frost, Michael coined the words Age Reversal Now and soon the two scientists were working on the same project, Age Reversal that happens quickly, “Now,” so that people notice it. Friends see it and without prompting say, “Your hair is thicker. You look younger again. What are you doing?” (Quote from Master Bodyworker Luke Hillstead, CNMMT, CMT.)

Michael has performed for the public good outside of this arena. For instance, Michael donated five years as Director of Research and Education to HIV/AIDS non-profit group Program for Wellness Restoration.

“While I did perform significant work studying endocrinology and appropriate hormonal therapy,  mostly what I did was teach my audience orthomolecular nutrition, both dietary and supplemental, as well as introduce them to a simple, effective exercise program.”

Michael also spent eight years on the Board of Directors of the Northern California Branch of the Natural Nutrition Foods Association and was given the award, “Outstanding Health Freedom Activist,” for his work in helping to pass the Dietary Supplement and Education Act of 1994 which stopped the FDA from making vitamins available “by prescription only.”

Michael’s co-authored book, Built to Survive is devoted to the HIV community and their doctors. It includes breakthrough research on the medical use of appropriate anabolic hormones, cutting-edge, but old-school truly natural nutrition, appropriate dietary supplement use and exercise to re-build or build and maintain lean body mass and optimal health. Built to Survive and the over 150 public lectures that Michael has conducted has helped over one hundred thousand HIV/AIDS patients live more normal lives.

(100% of the profits from the book are donated to non-profit HIV causes. Michael has also published a vast number of fully-researched articles on nutrition, bodybuilding, and health, in general, sometimes even going beyond the limits of commonly known science to hypothesize solutions that were later confirmed by published studies to work.) 

At 65 years of age, Michael has been studying health and aging for almost 50 years. After experiencing re-growth and darkening of his own hair, as confirmed by numerous friends, including Dr. Robert Frost, caused by experimentation with specific nutrients, Michael has also experienced a tremendous reduction in facial wrinkles because of the use of various nutritional supplements, biological peptides, Carbon C60, botanicals, and a specific whole foods diet. Michael further experienced tremendous improvements in his long-term and short-term memory with nootropics. He has further documented with multiple vision tests at intervals conducted by an optometrist a tremendous improvement in age-related degeneration of vision. (Please see the article Visual Age Reversal.)

Michael reports that he has documentation from medical doctors and scans, such as MRI’s, that graphically show how he has experienced re-growth of knee cartilage so that knee replacement will not be necessary as well as experiencing the reversal of numerous other seemingly “medically impossible” health concerns.

To read more about Michael, please see:

Advisors And Consultants 


Robert Frost, Ph.D. – Author of Applied Kinesiology, A Training Manual and Reference Book of Basic Principles and Practices Is a World Authority on the Use of Applied Kinesiology and Gemstones to Balance Body Energies And Reduce Pain

Michael Mooney said I had reached a major turning point in my life after being scammed out of the majority of my life savings. After months of focusing on learning how this happened to me and what it meant, I was introduced to Dr. Robert Frost. In retrospect, this meeting seems almost as if “The Universe” set it up so that I could receive the answer to my all-consuming quest to determine how this scamming of a seemingly bright person (me) could have occurred and why it happened.

Robert uses muscle testing as a kind of biofeedback of bodily responses. Muscle testing itself is a standard diagnostic technique that is taught in medical schools.
However, after graduating conventional American medical doctors quickly forget the significance of muscle testing.

In the field of medicine, kinesiology is the study of biomechanics – of the neural and physiological processes involved in posture and movement. AK uses medical muscle testing to assess the energy state of the structure and chemistry of the body and even of the psyche, too.

This further use of muscle testing is not yet understood, accepted or practiced by most MDs. Michael says, “I have seen Robert astonish people, including myself when he gave them a quick AK session that both surprised them AND improved their physical functionality in moments. I heard people say things like “How can such subtle treatment reduce my pain so quickly?”

In my case, meeting Robert happened at exactly the right moment in time. After a bit of conversation, Robert generously offered to gift me with an Applied Kinesiology (AK) session using muscle testing. Of course, I said “Yes.” AK was something that I had a little knowledge even though some of my most respected healthcare practitioner colleagues use AK explicitly in analytical work with their patients.

Robert’s AK tests revealed that I had a problematic pattern of behavior. I automatically think that others are like me and will treat me like I would treat them. I generally trust people and look for the good in them and expect them to be the same. I’ve been fortunate in life to have almost always found myself in the company of honorable people. Although I am otherwise perceptive, this pattern eventually left me vulnerable to predators that lied, scammed, cheated and nearly bankrupted me. Robert showed me in an energetic diagram that “My drawbridge was down.”

This means that anyone could literally come into my “castle” and take my valuables.

Throwing caution to the wind was natural for me as I’ve always been rather lucky. I expect that life will work for me because it usually has because I choose to produce good, expecting that it will be returned.

I try to only put positive energy into projects and friendships. I have followed this almost Buddhist path and my life has been generally very good. Recently life has been teaching me a new lesson: Don’t extend trust to anyone until I have observed and tested them – until I know how much and in which areas they can be trusted.

A simple Applied Kinesiology session with a committed spiritual person such as Robert can be life-changing. This can be relief from pain or, on a deeper level, an introduction to new levels of awareness like I am having at this stage in my life. An openness to receive the right insight at just the time can be life-changing. For providing these insights in a manner that I was open to receive and am learning to implement, I will always be grateful to Robert.

This new realization has saved me financially by changing the way that I select what is best for me and by helping me to determine with whom I should involve myself. I am much better at not sabotaging my own efforts. Beyond these practical transformations, on more than one occasion, Robert’s spirituality has enlightened me and brought me some amazing realizations.

Robert is also an Alexander Technique teacher and uses this to teach people optimal patterns of posture and use (movement) of the body. He put some solid science into the often “woo-woo” field of healing with gemstones with his doctoral research and thesis: The Effect of Gemstones upon Human Neurological Functioning. I have observed people being amazed when Robert unblocked the tight areas of their bodies, located and eased the reasons they have pain, helped them resolve their problems, and got them moving with more ease and joy.

Robert is currently developing and marketing training programs and products using Applied Kinesiology and his research discoveries with gemstones and woods. See his progress at Read more about him at

Robert is 68, but looks and moves like someone decades younger. He lives in Laguna Beach, California where he regularly body surfs. He even has teen-like six-pack abs. His activity program includes high-intensity interval training and full body-weight exercises – chin-ups and dips. He regularly meditates and performs active service work, caring for and reducing the suffering of others.

Robert has long lived a truly anti-aging lifestyle and is now exploring techniques of true age reversal. He lovingly prepares and eats natural live foods and fasts one day per week. On several occasions, he has prepared meals for me and taught me to love many types of vegetables and fruits that I previously wasn’t acquainted with. In this way, he was successful at doing what mothers and grandmothers try to instill in their kids. He has enriched my life and I am proud to have him as an advisor in the Age Reversal Now program. (Update: Almost a year ago I told Robert that one thing I wanted was a return of some color to his white hair. Well, it happened. I hadn’t seen Robert in months and he came to stay and work for a couple of days. I remain ecstatic, so much so that we’ve taken photos of each other’s hair. Robert’s hair has darkened in his side brows and on the back of his head.)



Elisa “Wowza” Lodge
“I have never met anyone like Wowza before,” says Michael Mooney. Her physical presence is startlingly alive. She is always playful, like a child. Besides knowing what and what not to eat, Wowa’s Wowzacise! turns one into a 12-year old again, playing, but with both freedom and consciousness.

I’ve met many of the health food legends, but this 80-year-old beauty overcame badly crossed eyes and a disfiguring skin disease that made her the local leper – and went on to become Miss Florida and runner-up Miss America in 1957 and she hasn’t had Botox or cosmetic surgery.

Esalen Institute
was one of the groundbreaking therapists and body-workers who lived and worked at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California through the ’60s and ’70s. Her work, Ageless Energetics, utilizes playful “Wowzacise” movement, “Breath Olympics” and sound healing to unleash resources that perpetually renew ecstatic states of youthful aliveness. Elisa “Wowza” Lodge is an incredible example of overcoming personal health issues and of how one can be young and fit at any age. She is amazing!