Testimonials - Age Reversal Now


Hi, I’m Luke Hillstead,
My training and credential is “Preventative Injury & Rehab Specialist” (CNMMT). I would like to tell you a little about my friend Michael Mooney, (aka) Mr. Nutrition, whom I’ve known for 10 years. So, seven months ago I witnessed something that altered my predetermined concept of aging. It was incredible! Michael Mooney looked 10 years younger!

“I asked myself, “How can this be?” How did he do it? Well, Michael told me that he had been taking some new discoveries, which were like taking almost what could be described as the “Fountain of Youth” every day and he was calling it “AGE REVERSAL NOW”!

I felt like I was meeting someone else and not my decade long friend! I wasn’t expecting to see him look so young. We occasionally grab lunch together and chat about health and wellness protocols, which we are both fascinated by. When glancing up at him during our conversation, I noticed he looked younger, which was life-changing!

His appearance was YOUNGER and HEALTHIER LOOKING, the lines on his forehead were gone, where he once had very prominent crow’s feet around his eyes for his age. They have almost vanished and his hair was darker and healthier looking than I have ever seen him before!

What he discovered is a game changer. Many people talk about anti-aging!! Well he went light years further into the future of science and found ways to alter his DNA strands to change his appearance completely.

This was mind blowing results. I’m not just saying this! This is the real deal. You need to get a hold of Michael Mooney, (aka) Mr. Nutrition, and see for yourself! Trust me when you do you will be the next one writing the Biggest Review of you entire life, so don’t wait before you’re almost 90-years old and wasting away. Start now at the age of 18 and keep looking 18. Sure, you will probably wait until you look older, but why not start today?

Michael’s note: I have experienced the best of the best bodyworkers and Luke has done bodywork on me that changed my physiology in ways that were so surprising, I have to say that he’s the best that I know. His back massage to drain lymph completely cleared my sinuses, so that I could breathe fully through both nostrils, even with my face flat down in a pillow on the massage table. I was at first scared to be in that position because my sinuses always, and I mean I can’t remember a time that they haven’t, plug up if I put lay face down in a pillow. He’s also an incredible survivor, as he came to the area from Wisconsin with basically nothing, living in his car, and is now married with a child on the way and about to buy a house. Quite an interested friend and a tremendous bodyworker. He’s becoming so well-known among elite professional athletes that he’s in high demand by big-name athletes as well as people that pass his name to friends.