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Holly B

By Chris

Apr 17

Testimonial From Holly B, San Rafael, CA:  I’m blond, blue-eyed and small, the physical type that generally has low bone density as we grow to be past 40. When I was in my ‘40s I had a full lying-down bone density test. The doctor was quite surprised that I tested so well. I attribute in great part my healthy bones with taking Calcium Blend. It’s a very complete formula. I’ve worked at a top-selling health food store for years and customers kept coming back for Calcium Blend. In fact, we typically would sell 27 bottles a month. It covers bases that other formulas don’t provide. For instance, it is the only formula on the market with a full 180 mcg if vitamin K2 (MK-7) which helps place calcium in bones. That, along with its clear superiority of nutrient potencies makes Calcium Blend stand out as “go-to” product that makes life simpler for any woman with bone density problems. You won’t need to buy other products. The cost is the excellent too, as is typical of all SuperNutrition products. And it comes in just three tablets, where most of the other good bone products require taking six tablets a day. Calcium Blend provides a truly science-based amount of calcium combined in balance with 11 other bone-density nutrients, each in their own full potencies. Also considered should be the scientific background, the “why” of a formula. Science is one of the things which SuperNutrition is famous for. I work selling products from the best supplement companies in the word. Calcium Blend stands out for its formula and its formulation, but also for uncompromising attention to details, which might be why consumers spread word of mouth and sell Calcium Blend to their friends, so sometimes people buy Calcium Blend without even talking to me. It virtually sells itself.


About the Author

Chris is a citizen researcher with an avid interest in Anti-Aging. Chris earned a BA degree in Biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and has studied Enzyme Kinetics and Bio-Physical Chemistry.