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First Endurance EFS Energizing Sports Drink

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First Endurance EFS Energizing Sports Drink


EFS drinks provide everything you need to maximize endurance and performance during exercise so you can train and race knowing you don’t have to worry about cramping or dehydration. KEY BENEFITS ✓ Premium Hydration Drink Mix ✓ Prevents Cramping & Dehydration ✓ Improves Performance During Exercise THE ULTIMATE ENDURANCE DRINK ANYTHING ELSE IS JUST A COMPROMISE EFS drinks provide an ideal blend of simple and complex carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes you require to fuel working muscles and increase endurance during exercise. You’ll notice the difference right away too. With the latest amino acid technology, superior mineral bioavailability and the addition of Malic Acid, EFS drinks refuel working muscles faster than ever before. They taste great, not chalky or overpoweringly sweet. And with the highest electrolyte content available (1160mg of all 5 electrolytes/serving), there’s no need to carry those extra electrolyte pills or add anything else. Plus, EFS doesn’t contain Vitamin C because the latest research shows that Vitamin C can have a negative effect on endurance and performance when consumed during exercise. CRAMPING & DEHYDRATION ARE HISTORY Clinical research shows endurance athletes require much higher levels of electrolytes than most sports drinks provide to prevent cramping and dehydration. EFS drinks deliver over 1,160mg of all 5 electrolytes per serving, more than any electrolyte drink on the market.

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