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Absolute Nutrition WaterShed

By Chris

Absolute Nutrition WaterShed


Lose the Water Weight Immediately! If you take your exercise and supplementation seriously, water retention is something that just seems to go along with it. Pro bodybuilders have used diuretics to get that ultra “tissue thin” skin look. Vascularity is Enhanced Now you can have that prescription potency without those “rough on your system” side effects. You want to lose the water and not a kidney, right? Then try Absolute Nutrition’s super diuretic formula, Watershed. Unlike other mass market supplements, WaterShed combines all natural herbal extracts which have been designed to synergistically work together for maximum effectiveness. Absolute Nutrition has carefully chosen herbs that are rich in “volatile oil constituents”. These elements have a history of diuretic ability and that’s what WaterShed delivers-the strongest, natural diuretic available! Smaller Dosage Goes Farther Other herbal diuretics on the market today require dosages of six or more per day to be somewhat effective. Absolute Nutrition’s Watershed requires only 2 tablets per day for excellent response time. Try it and see for yourself.

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