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Nov 18

Vitamin Protection from Smoky Air

By Michael Mooney | Antioxidant Protection , Arterial Plaque , Brain Health , Cancer Research , Cardiovascular Health , Longevity , News , Supplements , Vitamin Potency , Vitamin Protection

Vitamins B and C: Helping Protect Us From Smoky Air Protect Yourself and Your Family From Smoky Air and Even Air Pollution Right now, because of the on-going wildfires a lot of California air rates worse than polluted air in India and China, according to air-quality monitoring network Purple Air.  B-vitamins and vitamin C have […]

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Oct 28

Jim Carrey Delivers Fiery Political Speech During Los Angeles BAFTA Awards

By Michael Mooney | Clearing The Fog , Happiness , News , Politics

Jim Carrey Delivers Fiery Political Speech During Los Angeles BAFTA Awards Carrey dedicated his award to Charlie Chaplin, Christine Blasey Ford and Colin Kaepernick. MM: This is worth our deep thought (and action) as we work on moving into a healthy future. PLEASE VOTE! Many blessings, Michael Mooney Dear Reader, While Age Reversal Now is […]

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Oct 25

Erroneous Study Says Vitamins Don’t Work

By Michael Mooney | Big Pharma , Clearing The Fog , Happiness , Health Freedom , Longevity , News , Supplements , Wrinkles

Erroneous Annals Of Internal Medicine Study Says Vitamins Don’t Work December 2013 Yet another study from a medical journal that has a history of producing poorly-constructed anti-vitamin studies made headlines in anti-vitamin publications, such as the New York Times, causing confusion for the public and our doctors. The Annals of Internal Medicine follows the pattern of […]

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