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sirtuin molecule
May 01

Are Sirtuin Activators Able To Increase Lifespan?

By Chris | Life Extension

Sirtuin – The Fountain of Youth Protein? What are they? Sirtuins are proteins activated by nutritional deficiency, stress, and small molecular sirtuin-activating compounds (STACs) that regulate a multitude of cellular functions related to aging and longevity. Caloric Restriction, Longevity, and Sirtuins! It’s been known for over 80 years that reducing the calories fed to mice […]

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Feb 19

Why Age Reversal Now?

By Michael Mooney | Alzheimer's , Arterial Plaque , Articles , Being Younger, Sometimes by the Day , Bone Density , Books , Brain Health , Brain Healthy , Cardiovascular Health , Exercise , Fat loss , Happiness , Life Extension , Longevity , Muscular Function , Pain , Parkinson's , Reduced Pain , Rheumatoid arthritis , Senescence , Skin Care , Supplements , Vision , Wrinkles

Is This Anti-Aging or Something Better? “Anti-aging” is a popular conscious or sub-conscious theme for most people by the time we are in our ’40’s. But the term “anti-aging” seems to have run its course. What has really been happening in this arena is that educated people are reporting certain aspects of aging showing a reversal. […]

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Feb 12

How Age Reversal Now Was Born

By admin | Alzheimer's , Being Younger, Sometimes by the Day , Exercise , Exercise , Fat loss , Health Freedom , Longevity , Muscular Function , Postmenopausal women , Skin Care , Wrinkles

How Age Reversal Now Was Born Michael Mooney (born in 1953) was gifted with a biochemist father – a Renaissance man who instilled in him an intense sense of scientific curiosity. At the age of 14, Michael entered a mental hospital, hoping this would help solve his issues with depression. The doctors at the hospital […]

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