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Does Liposomal Vitamin C Cure Cancer?

By Michael Mooney | Cancer Research

May 10
Vitamin C and Cancer

Does Liposomal Vitamin C Cure Cancer?
By Michael Mooney of

Alan Smith was near death in a coma and about to be taken off of life support, with swine flu, non-functioning “white” lungs and leukemia when he was given high-dose intravenous vitamin C, followed by a new oral “nano-sized” vitamin C product, called “liposomal vitamin C” that is readily available today.

Alan started to revive from the coma when he was given daily doses of intravenous vitamin C ranging from 25 grams to 100 grams a day.

Then his new doctor didn’t believe that vitamin C caused the improvement in his condition so the doctor decided to quit allowing the administration of IV vitamin C. The doctor thought that Alan’s lungs showed improvement because staff had turned him on his side. Because of the Smith’s family’s objections, the doctor lowered the IV vitamin C dose to 2 grams a day, whereby Mr. Smith continued to improve, but far more slowly. 

Legally challenging the hospital, his family started giving him 6 grams of liposomal “nano” vitamin C a day, orally. He continued to improve and today he is healthy and his leukemia is gone.

Click here to watch a fascinating New Zealand television report about Alan.

The video is 33:18 minutes long. At about 15:15 minutes you will see Alan being given a 1 gram packet of LivOn liposomal vitamin C. I note that this brand of liposomal vitamin C does not appear to be making the same high-quality product as they did when Alan’s life was saved.

Which Products are Truly Liposomal? Buyer Beware!
I was told by naturopath, David Getoff, who I trust implicitly, that the contract laboratory manufacturer that made and supplied liposomal vitamin C to be packaged under the brand LivOn, closed rather mysteriously. Getoff had known the contract manufacturer for some years when the lab suddenly closed and could not be contacted. The next thing I heard from David, who is one of the
 most intelligent and credible people that I know, is that he gets diarrhea when he uses the new LivOn “liposomal” vitamin C.

One should not get diarrhea from real liposomal vitamin because the liposomal particles aren’t subject to enzymatic degradation. They pass through the digestive tract quickly intact and then pass through the bloodstream to the cells where they efficiently transfer the nutrient they contain into the cell.

LivOn told me in an email on April 24th, 2018 that the particle size of their liposomal vitamin C will “typically be between 200 – 600 nanometers.”

This tells me that LivOn is currently not selling the most effective liposomal vitamin C.

Published data show that “…particles with diameters less than 100–150 nm [produce the most optimal effects] and longer blood circulation times.”

This is detailed well in a study published in the journal Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal called “Liposomes as Advanced Delivery Systems for Nutraceuticals.

Another study, that tested carefully-sized liposomes, said, “…cellular uptake increased 9-fold as liposome size was decreased from 236 nm to 97 nm and was 34-fold higher at 64 nm.

Liposomes are ultra-small “nano” size nutrient containers that dock up to the same material that coats our cell walls, phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine). Because they are made up of the same material, liposomal nutrients easily dock up to cell walls and deliver the nutrients they contain into our cells.



In the world of chemistry, “hydro” refers to water. Hydrophilic means “water-loving” or “dissolves in water.”

Hydrophobic mean “afraid [phobic] of water” or dissolves in oil, not water. This is the “barrier” that exists on the outside of every cell in our bodies.

When a nutrient that is encased in liposomes arrives at a cell wall the liposomes, containing a nutrient, are a highly protective double-layered membrane consisting of phospholipids, which play an all-important role in the preservation of the nutrient through the gastrointestinal system and then its optimum delivery into the cell.

Valimenta and Dr. Emek Blair – Real Liposomes
Over ten years ago, the chief scientist at Valimenta, Dr. Emek Blair, discovered some all-natural methods for creating liposomes.  Valimenta’s production processes are unique and do not require high pressures, high temperatures or toxic synthetic chemicals.

As reported favorably by Supplement Police, Dr. Blair earned his undergraduate degree at Occidental College and performed his graduate work in Bio-Analytical Chemistry at The University of California, Irvine (UCI). He received three major awards for his work on enzymes and lipids (fat molecules) while at UCI. 

By example, Valimenta has been “…making liposomal vitamin C with a peak particle size of 85 nm (nanometers) and with 92% of the particles being between 60 and 172 nm.” This is a benefit of the all-natural manufacturing methods that were created by Dr. Blair.

Dr. Blair’s work has been published in the FASEB Journal, which yields confirmation that Valimenta liposomal vitamin C is truly liposomal and significantly better absorbed than regular vitamin C, while also being more medically protective. 

Indeed, if liposomal vitamin C does not cure cancer, the notion that vitamin C (and other antioxidants) protects the body and improves the cancer-killing effects of chemotherapy has been confirmed. 12, 3

Liposomal Vitamin C May Aid Chemo While Protecting From Its Damaging Effects
Dr. Blair claims nothing about liposomal vitamin C “curing” cancer. Rather, he emphasized that liposomal vitamin C was a tremendously more effective adjunct than regular vitamin C to help protect the body from chemo’s damaging effects in the body, while it supports the cancer-killing effects when chemo is required to attack cancer.

Nutricology Liposomal  Vitamin C

Again, it must be considered that some products claiming to be liposomal do not provide true liposomes or liposomes that are optimally effective because of their size.

They may be emulsions, which are generally just mixtures of oil-in-water or a simple mixture of phosphatidylcholine and vitamin C.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has the number one health site on the internet is selling a “liposomal vitamin C” product that is not truly liposomal. Dr. Mercola even states this. He says that liposomes are formed in the stomach with his product, which contains both phosphatidylcholine and vitamin C. This is biochemical nonsense. Read more about it here or here.

True Liposomes?
The only brands of liposomal vitamin C that I trust to truly be the correct sized small liposomes, currently, are made by Valimenta and Nutricology. I have known the founder of Nutricology for over 30 years. When I saw that Nutricology was vending a liposomal vitamin C I called to ask what size the liposomes were and they confirmed that the liposomes are in the same small size range as Valimenta’s. Note that the Nutricology product costs a little over half what the Valimenta product costs. Nutricology makes high-quality products. They are especially known for producing hypoallergenic products. One factor that makes Nutricology Micro Liposomal C highly recommendable is that if you buy it directly from Nutricology they will ship it to you overnight with ice. Since summer temperatures can be disastrous for heat-sensitive products, such as liposomal vitamin C, Nutricology’s direct shipping protects the potency of the product. I will only buy liposomal vitamin C that I know is protected from heat before it gets to me. Then I store it in the refrigerator. 

Valimenta makes both a bottled liquid and a boxed version with 30 packets per box. Nutricology only makes a bottled liquid. There may be other brands that have merit. Independent testing would provide confirmation of this.

Since independent comparison tests are unavailable at this time I am only confident of the liposomal vitamin C products that Valimenta and Nutricology provide.

I had a long face-to-face conversation with Dr. Blair a little over a year ago at a trade show. He has done extensive research on liposomes and, because I studied liposomes a few years ago, I recognized that Dr. Blair is likely one of the most knowledgeable scientists in the world in this area.

If liposomal vitamin C is confirmed to help battle cancer and other critical health problems or it at least acts to protect body tissues from the damaging effects of cancer drugs, I hope that a testing lab, such as ConsumerLabs does a comparative analysis of so-called “liposomal” products to let us know which ones are real. I expect that only a few of the products sold are truly liposomal. (Please send requests to ConsumerLabs to test the size of so-called liposomal nutrients to determine which ones are small enough to be truly effective.)

Intravenous (IV) vitamin C may effectively aid agents that are fighting cancer because it can deliver high vitamin C blood levels, where oral tablets or capsules cannot create high enough blood levels.

Reports say that six grams of oral liposomal vitamin C are equal for delivering vitamin C inside cells, where it does its work, to 50 grams of IV vitamin C.

Water soluble nutrients like vitamin C have a difficult time passing through the liposomal barrier that coats cell walls. Cell walls are coated with the same oil-based bi-layer that liposomes have. This oil-based barrier controls what gets into cells. This is especially important if the nutrient is water-soluble, which vitamin C, as ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate is.

Because it is coated with the same two-layered oil-based barrier that cell walls have, vitamin C that is carried in liposomes is transported through the cell walls much more efficiently than vitamin C that is not carried in liposomes, even IV vitamin C.  

Valimenta  Liposomal  Vitamin C

Tablets Versus Intravenous Versus Liposomal Vitamin C
Putting vitamin C or any water-soluble nutrient in optimally-sized liposomes can reportedly deliver as much as 90% absorption of the nutrient into the cells in our bodies.

For point of reference, intravenous vitamin C reportedly gives about 20% absorption into cells while taking high potency tablets of vitamin C reportedly gives considerably less.

So, it appears that orally-taken liposomal vitamin C works better than higher doses of IV vitamin C for delivering vitamin C into cells, where it does its work – and far better than vitamin C tablets.

This is a huge breakthrough!

Dosing – Liposomal Vitamin C    
Remember that dose, six grams, 6,000 mg spread throughout the day, because it, along with the initial high-dose IV vitamin C apparently saved Alan Smith and cured his leukemia, so it’s possible that six grams a day might be effective against other cancers, or other diseases. 

Internationally Respected Authority on an Integrated Approach to Health, Lark Lands, Ph.D., Fighting Cancer With Liposomal Vitamin C Assisting Chemotherapy  

Dr. Lark Lands, whom I’ve known for over 30 years is a 67-year old Type 1 diabetic who has not experienced the complications typically faced by Type 1 diabetics her age IF they live as long as she has. 

Dr. Lands lives the healthiest lifestyle, and looks amazing, with a full head of healthy dark hair. While her strict nutritional regimen has helped her remain uniquely healthy throughout her life, last July Dr. Lands began to experience the devastating effects of metastatic endometrial adenocarcinoma, cancer that metastasized into the lungs and abdomen, and also caused a buildup of fluid between the tissues that line the lungs and the chest cavity with the additional buildup of fluid in her abdomen.  

When we spoke on the phone in July 2017 she could barely breathe well enough to talk. She sounded like she had so little energy it seemed as if she was going to die.

Although she was already taking 3 grams of Dr. Mercola’s “liposomal” vitamin C in combination with regular doses of chemo, I harpooned a supply of Valimenta liposomal vitamin C for her which she took at 3 grams per day, but was increased to 6,000 mg a day and soon, she began to sound more like herself. The last time I called she had carried grocery bags into the house and was winded, but functional. She could not have done this a few months ago. She isn’t cured yet but appears to be so well on the way that I am astounded. Just as amazing, the fluids in her lung and abdomen are gone.

A Turnaround
Her email (May 5, 2018) said, “The chemo with the liposomal C and a broad spectrum of other micronutrients that includes multiple antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories along with the SuperNutrition SuperImmune Multiple and high-doses cannabinoids, all taken in the context of a nutrient-dense organic diet, and slow-burn weight lifting to restore the lost lean tissue I saw when I got my CT scan results. The oncologist says that overall the CT scans indicate stable disease and he thinks I can just continue with the one drug chemo regimen. There is one very small nodule (11 mm) in the left lung but no tumors anywhere else.” (Where early in her experience there were multiple tumors spread around her abdomen.)

“So all in all, almost a year after my diagnosis it’s a great result for a type of cancer that is considered incurable and often very quickly fatal. I believe that what has resulted in this good outcome is the combo of everything that I’m doing. I have gotten back to an almost normal energy level, which is great, after being so weak and fatigued back at the beginning. So that’s where I am for now.”

The Go-Fund-Me page that this is linked to, tells Lark’s story, but after 3 updates, it needs another one, as Lark reported above. Please consider donating even a small amount on Lark’s Go-Fund-Me page. Lark’s selfless contributions to thousands of others, as noted on the page, should be rewarded.

Is the Valimenta liposomal vitamin C helping the chemotherapy act more effectively while protecting the rest of her body from the chemo? This question remains to be answered, but I know that if I develop cancer I will be religious about taking liposomal vitamin C, whether I must allow chemo or not.

Liposomal Vitamin C – Seventy-Five Times More Effective
Valimenta has been used in clinical studies of liposomes. To view them click here and there is a blood level study here.

Further, a comparative test-tube study in 2017 4 showed that the cancer-fighting effect of liposomal vitamin C was 75 times greater.

Good For All of Us – Liposomal Vitamin C
If you don’t have cancer, reasons to take liposomal vitamin C include healthier skin, because vitamin C stimulates collagen production. Skin is rich in collagen. It gives our facial s
kin a plumper, younger appearance. The wrinkling of skin is largely caused by an age-related decrease in collagen production. In fact, collagen is the “glue” that holds our entire body together. Having healthier collage also means healthier joints, ligaments, arteries, tendons, and bones, which are made up of about 30% collagen. 

Better collagen makes stronger, more flexible bones that absorb impact better for less fall-down fractures, according to published research.

One thing to note, though, is that liposomal vitamin C and other liposomal nutrients can have a slightly medicinal taste. So, some prefer to mix them in a fruit drink.

I note that highly respected vitamin C researcher, Thomas Levy, MD., says that if he had to choose between intravenous vitamin C and liposomal vitamin C for a critical medical application with a patient he would choose liposomal vitamin C because his experience has shown it to work so well.

That is why taking liposomal vitamin C and other nutrients, such as Valimenta liposomal glutathione and Valimenta Liposomal Curcumin when you are healthy is a good idea, too. Staying your healthiest should help you live longest in good health.

To your healthiest lifespan,
Michael Mooney

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