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Home-Made Age Reversal Facial Mist

By Michael Mooney | Longevity

May 08

Age Reversal Facial Mist For Clearer, Younger, Plumper Less Wrinkled Skin
You Can Make It In Your Kitchen!

For those that want superior results, or have age-spots or discoloration or wrinkles that you want to see dissolve, here’s one easy DIY (do it yourself) tip about how you can make a superior facial mist at home yourself and save oodles of money that you could spend buying it already made. What has developed on your face that you want to rejuvenate took years, so the effects of a mist that helps to regenerate skin health don’t happen overnight.

Regularly spraying your face is both refreshing and will improve your facial skin health, but it takes consistency, meaning doing it regularly, like once or twice a day and then it takes a little time. It might be that you notice a difference over a period of two weeks but the effects improve much more over months. Patience is a virtue and it gets results that last, unlike quick faddish solutions or medications.

There are three ingredients, besides deionized water, which will cost you around $24 a gallon. A gallon is 3785.41 ml, so if you use this regularly one gallon can last years. I note that plain distilled water can work well enough. The Age Reversal Facial Mist must be kept in the refrigerator anyway, which helps keep it fresh. It also feels refreshing to get a light facial spraying of this chilled solution.

You’ll also need a 60 ml spray bottle. Any 60 ml spray bottle that is empty and clean will work or you can buy a new one online. They can cost as little as 69 cents at some health food stores, but if you buy them online you will have to pay for a higher markup. I keep spray bottles and re-use them. Since I’ve been what a homeopathic doctor calls an “alchemist” and an environmentalist it’s a habit for me to keep glass containers. The point is any 60 ml (2 ounce) spray bottle will work.

Fill the spray bottle to just under the neck of the bottle. I have measuring devices so that I can get exactly 60 ml, but you don’t need to fuss. Just pour deionized or distilled water into a 60 ml spray bottle up to the neck and then pour that into a glass cup where you can mix the water with the three ingredients. In a short time, you’ll see that everything is fully dissolved because the water will look clear.

Important Note: Don’t use tap water. Deionized and distilled water are much cleaner than tap water. God knows what some city’s tap water has in it!

Three Nutrients That Work

1. Niacinamide powder (the non-flushing version of vitamin B3). Add 1,000 mg of pure niacinamide powder to the water in the container that has the water. If you don’t have a jeweler’s scale, 1000 mg is 1/4th of a teaspoon. The most accurate jeweler’s scale that I know of that costs less than $300 is the AWS GPR-20, which I bought for $50 on Amazon in 2013. Gosh, the price has jumped. It is carried by Amazon now for about $100 for Amazon prime customers. The best price I saw on the internet was $78.42, but you have to pay $15.00 shipping if your order is less than $100. Jeez, if you will make use of it, buy it.

But really, the results one will get if they just eyeball 1/4 of a teaspoon or use anything that can measure approximately 1,000th of a gram will work.

Scientific Background – Published studies show that topically-applied niacinamide increases skin collagen production, skin ceramide production and other factors that improve skin tissue plumpness and smoothness, thereby reducing skin wrinkling, while also reducing skin hyperpigmentation (age spots).

Topical niacinamide also reduces skin oiliness and acne manifestation for those that have this problem.1 2

2. Ascorbic acid powder (vitamin C). There are dozens of sizes and prices for ascorbic acid powder. Just do a little shopping on the page that was just linked. Add 1,000 mg of vitamin C powder to the water and niacinamide and stir it until the ingredients have fully dissolved, so the water looks clear.

Scientific Background:
Published studies show that vitamin C stimulates the production of the skin’s collagen to improve skin plumpness for reduced wrinkles. Vitamin C is absorbed when applied topically. (Note that other forms of vitamin C, in general, are not effective when used topically on the skin.) This is why vitamin C was a component of the original Perricone prescription.3

3. 300 mg. D-ribose is core to producing energy in the body’s cells. As we age, our bodies produce less D-ribose.

Scientific Background: D-ribose is produced by the body and required for cellular energy production. An age-related decrease in the body’s production of D-ribose can result in a loss of skin elasticity, thinning of the skin and the formation of wrinkles. One study showed that after 14 days there was a 12.2% reduction in total wrinkle surface area and a demonstrable 9.1% reduction in total wrinkle length. More improvements were seen at 28 days. Subjectively, 67% of the adults perceived their skin to be more radiant and glowing with 71% noticing less skin dullness. 4

Pour the mixture of water, niacinamide, ascorbic acid and D-ribose from the mixing container into the spray bottle and voila! you have your own home-made Age Reversal Facial Mist.

The Facial Mist keeps well because vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects it fairly well when kept in the refrigerator. Generally, a batch lasts for a month or two. Every couple of weeks take the spray top off and look at it. When it starts to get a little brown color this means that it is oxidizing and losing potency. It doesn’t turn “toxic,” but does begin to be less effective, so you’ll know when it’s time to make a new batch.

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At 65 years of age, Michael has been studying health and ageing for almost 50 years. After experiencing re-growth and darkening of his own hair, as confirmed by numerous friends, caused by experimentation with specific nutrients, he has also experienced a tremendous reduction in facial wrinkles because of the use of various nutritional supplements, biological peptides, botanicals and a specific whole foods diet. Michael further experienced tremendous improvements in his long-term and short-term memory with nootropics.

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