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SuperNutrition Product Review

By Michael Mooney | Supplements

Apr 18

We are proud to present the Best of the Best Vitamins available on the market:  SuperNutrition SimplyOne Men’s, SimplyOne Women’s and SuperNutrition Think Clearly.

                   Triple Power! SimplyOne Women

SuperNutrition SimplyOne Women – Triple Power
Having enough potency in a multivitamin determines whether it has potential age-reversal effects on not. SimpleOne Women Triple Potency has over 20 times more vitamin B1 than some of the world’s best formulas, like Centrum® and 3,000 IU of vitamin D, more than any other one-daily multivitamin.

SimplyOne Women is the first and only one-daily multivitamin to have been registered with FDA to “reduce PMS discomfort.”

SimplyOne Women works to reduce PMS by safely and naturally boosting the “I feel good” neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin that make us feel good and calm and even feel younger. Even if you are one of the few women that don’t regularly experience PMS, SimplyOne Women’s formulation will make you feel better than you’ve ever felt from any other multivitamin. SuperNutrition guarantees it.

Feeling Younger and Telomere Length
A study of 586 women age 35 to 74 showed that taking a once-daily multivitamin, like SimplyOne Women was associated with having longer DNA telomere length. Increased telomere length indicates a longer lifespan and reductions in age-related health problems, especially inflammatory problems, which means that you should feel better overall and maybe even live 9.8 healthy years longer, according to the study.

All Day Energy
No other one-daily multivitamin makes you feel so good with so much natural all-day energy. Three studies prove it.

Sharper Memory is Better As We Age
SimplyOne Women also has nutrients that have been shown to improve feeling good, with better memory and precision while doing multi-tasking. Another three-year study showed that taking almost as much folic acid as SimplyOne Women has (1,000 mcg) improved memory in seniors by 13%, while those that didn’t take folic acid lost 3% of their memory. So, while others are dragging their feet, tired and having a difficult day you have more energy and can get more things done AND feel great while you’re gliding through a busy, fast-productive happier day. When the work day is done you still feel good!

Vitamin D, 3000 IU!
SimplyOne Women also provides 3,000 IU of vitamin D, one of the most studied vitamins of all time, for optimum immune strength and bone health. A true age reversal multivitamin with age reversal potencies.

                       Triple Power! SimplyOne Men

SuperNutrition SimplyOne Men – Triple Power
As was said, having enough potency in a multivitamin determines whether it has potential age-reversal effects on not. SimplyOne Men is simply the highest potency, highest energy men’s one-daily multivitamin that is made. Yet its nutrient balance promotes clear, calm thinking so you feel completely, confidently in charge. Comparing the potencies of the B-vitamins in SimplyOne Men shows that it has 37 times more vitamin B1, for faster brain function, than the world’s top-sellers, formulas such as Centrum® for Men.

SimplyOne Men also has the same amount of memory-boosting folic acid as SimplyOne Women. This is a super POTENT formula that really makes you feel and think better when you take it. Like SimplyOne Women, SimplyOne Men gives you a giant-sized immune boost with 3,000 IU of vitamin D, combined with 3,000 IU of real retinol vitamin A, the power combo of super-healthy immunity. SimplyOne Men also has the unique potencies that make it another true member of the new science of age reversal.

SuperNutrition Calcium Blend – Only Three Tablets Per Day
SuperNutrition made Calcium Blend a tightly focused revolutionary bone density-improving formula, with absolutely no fillers, so that each milligram of tablet space could be used to provide the most optimum combination of potencies of 12 major bone-building nutrients.

Yet you only need to take three tablets a day, when even the world’s best bone builders, such as Jarrow’s Bone-Up®, requires six capsules a day.

Further, SuperNutrition Calcium Blend gives you a full 180 mcg of vitamin K2 (MK-7), while even the best of the world’s best bone building formulas, like Bone-Up®, give you 45 mcg. Calcium Blend also gives you 2,000 IU of vitamin D that works with the 180 mcg of vitamin K2 (MK-7) to optimize the placement of calcium into the deep bone matrix, rather than possibly finding its way into soft tissues.

There was a time when SuperNutrition was studying the logistics of guaranteeing that women that were losing bone would experience a gain in bone density, but having to work with all the different people, doctors and tests around the USA, the task was too daunting. But I know of no other bone density formula that can equal Calcium Blend. To read more details, with scientific references click Calcium_Blend_Brochure.

Live longest and healthiest and have a lot of fun with our blessings,
Michael and the Science Team at Age Reversal Now™.


About the Author

At 65 years of age, Michael has been studying health and ageing for almost 50 years. After experiencing re-growth and darkening of his own hair, as confirmed by numerous friends, caused by experimentation with specific nutrients, he has also experienced a tremendous reduction in facial wrinkles because of the use of various nutritional supplements, biological peptides, botanicals and a specific whole foods diet. Michael further experienced tremendous improvements in his long-term and short-term memory with nootropics.

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