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Feb 12

The term "anti-aging" seems to have run its course. What has really been happening in this arena is that people are reporting the reversal of ageing. "Anti-ageing" as a term refers to a reduction in the effects of premature, unnecessary or accelerated ageing, generally caused by nutrition deficiencies or other life stresses.

Let's underline this - we are seeing reports of the reversal of ageing and experiencing them, too.   Specifically, reversal of not only some of the effects of premature, unnecessary or accelerated ageing but what could be called true age-reversal effects.

These include: White hair regaining color (August, 2007 compared to April, 2011);

August, 2007


White hair regaining color      

April, 2011


Facial skin wrinkles melting and disappearing

What I've Observed That Others Have Observed, Too. 
Facial skin wrinkles melting and disappearing, indicating a potential improvement in the skin's elastin, collagen and ligaments, tendons and even bone regenerating inside the face under the skin. A good part of people's faces looking older is caused by shrinkage of the structure of the face losing mass because the bone/ligament/tendons inside the face, under the skin are shrinking, too.

Better skin texture; physical endurance during exercise increasing; recovery from exercise improving; memory, especially long-term memory, improving. These reports are appearing by all kinds of people on the internet more and more. This site is dedicated to reporting what tools or techniques have verifiable effective age reversal benefits.



About the Author

At 65 years of age, Michael has been studying health and ageing for almost 50 years. After experiencing re-growth and darkening of his own hair, as confirmed by numerous friends, caused by experimentation with specific nutrients, he has also experienced a tremendous reduction in facial wrinkles because of the use of various nutritional supplements, biological peptides, botanicals and a specific whole foods diet. Michael further experienced tremendous improvements in his long-term and short-term memory with nootropics.

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