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Visual Age Reversal

By Michael Mooney | Vision

Feb 12

Visual Age Reversal (February 2018, Updated July, 2018)
After reading that “Can-C” eye drops were patented to improve eye health by addressing cataracts I wondered if Can-C had other effects that improved the health of the eyes. Can-C is a special preparation of an antioxidant nutrient that is presented in lubricating eye drops that lubricate with glycerine, a tried and true eye wetting agent. Its true active ingredient is n-acetylcarnosine, an antioxidant that the body makes for many protective effects, including maintaining the health of our eyes. However, FDA does not recognize n-acetylcarnosine in eye drops as an “active ingredient.” (One more little reason to consider that we can’t depend on FDA.)

As we grow older the body becomes less efficient at producing its own n-acetylcarnosine. Supplemental n-acetylcarnosine (as a capsule taken orally) is frequently described as a protective anti-ageing dietary supplement. Can it do more than slow visual ageing? I don’t have cataracts but was curious about the potential benefits of using n-acetylcarnosine eye drops for my ageing eyes. After all, at 64 years of age, with a gradual loss of visual acuity, of course I was curious.  Applying these eye drops is as easy as dropping any eye drop in the eyes.

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Is It Possible To Reverse Visual Ageing
So That One Doesn’t Need Glasses?


Background: I was measured as having better than 20/20 (normal) vision, as a young man. My vision measured 10/15, pinpoint clarity. At 41 I began to experience slightly blurry distant vision, beginning at about 25 feet away. My short-range “book-reading” vision, started to get slightly blurry some months later. I put off doing anything about it for awhile, but wisdom eventually prevailed.

By the time I had my eyes tested by an optometrist the “sphere” measurement of both eyes was -1.50 (diopters). To keep it simple, this meant that my vision was not perfect and I needed glasses. To be clear -1.50 is not very bad, so you know if you choose to employ what is revealed in this article. 

Over a period of a few years my vision degraded slight more, as is normal, the optometrist said.

I Can See Again!
After I discovered Can-C Eye Drops I decided to experiment with them and see if they did anything noticeable for my vision, even though I don’t have cataracts. Astoundingly, a couple of minutes after the first time I applied Can-C to both eyes when I read the newspaper I did not need my glasses to read it. My close-up reading vision had improved significantly, literally in moments. (Some others have reported immediate results with n-acetylcarnosine eye drops, which is why I considered trying them myself. What can they do for you?)

When I suddenly could read the paper without needing the glasses that I had become used to wearing I was so fascinated that I became religious about applying the eye drops twice a day, as the instructions say.

A month later, in May 2013, I went to the optometrist and was tested and told that my vision had improved significantly.

The “sphere” in my right eye had improved from -1.75 (in 2007) to -1.00, which is a 0.75 improvement. My left eye had improved from -1.25 to -1.00, an improvement of 0.25. The doctor said that visual improvements, such as this can happen, but it was unusual.

I continued to apply the eye drops, but because of life’s distractions, I was not as consistent at applying the eye drops. I probably administered them about 5 to 7 times a week in total, rather than twice a day (14 times a week). When my eyes were tested next, in January 2015, there was once again more improvement. My right eye had improved by 0.25, from -1.00 to -0.75, and my left eye had improved from -1.00 to -0.50, an improvement of 0.50. So, even just using the eye drops less often the progression of improvement in my vision continued.

Fast forward to November 2016 and we see that my vision has continued to improve so that my right eye sphere has improved to -0.50 and my left to -.025. This means that my left eye is getting close to seeing “normally.”

So that you can see the progression of my improving vision these are links to copies of my vision tests from 2010 to 2015 and 2016.

Relentless Improvement NAC Eye Drops

Forgetting My Glasses
There have been a few times when I left the house in 2017 and 2018 and forgot to bring my glasses. I sometimes find that I can see well enough that I don’t notice that I am not wearing glasses and occasionally when my vision isn’t perfectly clear if I focus consciously I can see well enough that I almost don’t need glasses. It can change slightly from day to day.

I continued to administer n-acetylcarnosine eye drops, generally once a day. It has been over a year since I had my eyes tested. I will continue to administer the eye drops as often as I can remember to, generally at least once or twice a day for a while longer and eventually get re-tested. Watch this article for updates.

Problem – Having to Buy New Glasses
One problem is that I have had to buy new glasses several times. Perhaps if I continue this regimen more consistently I eventually won’t need glasses, though. Another expense reduced, but more importantly, my vision would be like a younger version of me.

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   Can-C Eye Drops

Important Money-Saving Note
While Can-C is the original patented eye drop formula that features n-acetylcarnosine and it is claimed that the Can-C formula is unique – better than any other product like it, Can-C requires that vendors sell it for a minimum advertised price (MAP) of about $30.00. The manufacturer spent a lot of money developing and testing this formula, so naturally, they want to get a healthy return on their investment.

However, several other quality manufacturers are now making n-acetylcarnosine eye drops for significantly less cost. I have only used the Can-C one time. I have used the Relentless Improvement version of n-acetylcarnosine eye drops since then.


Life Extension Brite Eyes III

But now a manufacturer whose products I know to be of the highest quality, Life Extension, also manufactures n-acetylcarnosine eye drops, as “Brite Eyes III,” for an even lower cost, $20.30, so my last few purchases have been Brite Eyes III.

What’s the Difference?
Are Can-C eye drops uniquely better than the eye drops made by  Relentless Improvement or Life Extension? I doubt it, knowing the quality of the companies, seeing that they have exactly the same ingredients in the same order of priority tells me that they are producing the same formula. I now buy and use the Life Extension Brite Eyes III product.

Published Studies – N-Acetylcarnosine and Vision
There are a number of published studies that support that idea that n-acetylcarnosine eye drops can improve vision, and the data implies that n-acetylcarnosine eye drops can possibly cause a type of age-reversal of the eyes even if one is not addressing cataracts.

One might think of the use of n-acetylcarnosine eye drops as “lubricating” the eyes from within, while reducing the inflammation that causes ageing of eyes with n-acetylcarnosine.

These are links to study abstracts for those that want to dig deeper.

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