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Feast or Famine?

By Robert Frost | Robert Frost

Feb 10

Our bodies need not only good nutrition, they need digestive downtime. Our ancestors experienced alternate feast and famine. During times of feast, they ate copiously and stored the extra calories as fat. During times without food, they lived on their fat.

With the constant easy availability of food today, almost no one voluntarily goes without food. One result is that fat is not naturally burned off. So those affluent enough to always have food just get fatter and fatter.

When food is eaten every day, the body keeps old worn out cells alive. When you take a pause from eating, your body goes into housecleaning mode. Wastes are removed and eliminated. Old “senile” cells, called senescent cells, die and are replaced by new cells. Through this process, you literally get younger.

Senescent cells are associated with disease (especially cancer) and aging in general. They are not just a sign of ageing. Senescent cells produce inflammatory chemical messengers that increase the ageing process. The process of replacing senescent cells with new regenerated ones becomes less efficient with age. Fasting is one way of stimulating this process. Fasting causes senescent cells to die and new cells to be created to replace them. Other ways of stimulating the replacement of senescent cells will be explored in further blogs on this site.

If you are not ready to go without food for long, you can still obtain good results through intermittent fasting. This means only eating during an eight-hour window each day and not eating at all during the other sixteen hours. Those practicing this often allow themselves a cup of coffee in the morning. Some add a small spoonful of coconut oil or grass-fed butter. Coffee stills hunger awhile and the small amount of oil gives long-lasting energy without, they say, losing the positive effects of going without food.

Others fast. Fasting means going without food and only drinking water for a chosen length of time. Some refer to “juice fasts”, but I consider these to not be fasting but rather a juice diet. As long as approved by your healthcare practitioner, I recommend fasting for one day each week. Stop eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner and resume eating the next morning. This gives your body about 32 hours without food. I’ve followed this plan for months without losing muscle mass. One unexpected result: my stubborn belly fat has melted away revealing the six-pack abs I haven’t seen in decades!

I personally enjoy fasting. So much of our time is spent acquiring, preparing and eating food plus cleaning up! On days of fasting, you can stay focused on chosen tasks and not be interrupted by food-related tasks.

However, since my metabolism is very high, I lose two or more pounds of body weight per day of fasting. I don’t have that much fat to lose so longer fasts cause me to lose my hard-earned muscle mass. For this reason, I generally do not fast for more than one day.

Others with a slower metabolism may not lose much weight at all while fasting. An older female patient in the medical clinic where I worked in Basel, Switzerland fasted for 7 days drinking only herb tea and only lost one pound. How is this possible?

When you restrict your caloric intake severely, your body may respond by slowing your metabolism and thereby using calories more efficiently. For this reason, fasting may not be an effective way to lose weight.

However you do it, going without food periodically is an important technique for detoxifying and reducing the average age of the cells of your body. This is one key to true Age Reversal Now.

-by Robert Frost, PhD, BSc, D.D., A.T.

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