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sirtuin molecule“Sirtuins” are touted as one of the keys to understanding aging.  Groundbreaking research has shown that small molecules found in foods, such as Resveratrol (found in red wine) and Pterostilbene (found in blueberries) are sirtuin activators, that increase the possibility of improving healthy lifespan.  Read More…

Age Reversal DIY Facial Mist For Clearer, Younger, Plumper Less Wrinkled Skin – You Can Make In Your Kitchen!  For those that want superior results, or have age-spots, discoloration or wrinkles that you want to see diminish here’s an easy DIY (do it yourself) formula to make a refreshing facial mist at home that is equal to the best!  Read More…

Cancer Survivor Ribbon

Is the US mainstream medical community unaware of an inexpensive, painless, safe and readily available cure for cancer?   New evidence suggests that special forms of vitamin C can work like chemotherapy or as a complement to make chemotherapy work better with less toxicity. At this time scientific champions that work for US government agencies say “this is too effective to ignore.”  Read More…

How To Easily Achieve Optimum Bone Density
Bones must be better than strong. They must also be flexible with healthy bone density so that bones don’t fracture when they experience impact. Bone literally bounces better when it is healthy. This is because about 30% of healthy bone is spongy, rubbery collagen, the “glue” that holds the entire body together. Read More…


Mouth-Watering Super-Nutritious Smoothies
Have you dealt with “normal” companies for too long? NutriBullet blew the competition away when my 5-year old NutriBullet stopped working and the company, with no delay, sent me a brand new NutriBullet Balance. Read More…

Does Canola Oil Make You Dumber and Fatter?  Read More…

Has the term “anti-aging” seems to have run its course. What is really exciting in this arena is that people and scientists are reporting the reversal of some kinds of aging.
Read More…

Harvard Says “Eat Red Meat and Die!” Do you want to live longer and be healthier? Yes is an easy answer. One simple way to live longer and healthier is to avoid red meat. Read More…

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